Purpose of establishment

  • The Korea Entertainment Industry Association was established to provide motive for continuous development of the entertainment industry field by enhancing the ability of each member and to provide the driving force for national development by deducting creative outcomes through joint research and technology development of the entertainment industry field for academia, industry, and culture-art communities.

Roles and related fields

  • Roles

  • Our association performs domestic and international academic activities such as academic research for the entertainment industry field (culture-art, contents, related business-policy, related technology, convergence technology, etc), technology development, journal publication, and conference organization. Also, our association contributes to make a basement for the development of companies and nation through joint research and academic-industrial cooperation with entertainment industry. For this, we focus on the scientific analysis of the entertainment industry and the technology development of the entertainment industry that converges creative contents and ICT.

  • - We invigorate interdisciplinary fusion and complexation for connecting demand of practical industrial fields and various academic fields to deduct cutting-edge technology and creative research result.

  • - We provide the stage for exchanging information for research result, related technology and arts by holding conference and product exhibition, and publishing journals.

  • - We contribute to the development of the entertainment industry for providing a basis for creating contents of new sense by exchanging new information and knowledge.

  • Related fields

  • - Culture areas :
    play, musical, music, performance, exhibit, performing art, art, story-telling, esthetics, psychology, photo, sports, tourism, leisure, well-being entertainment, sportainment, and related fields.

  • - Contents areas :
    animation, cartoon, character, graphic design, digital design, digital music, digital contents, edutainment, infortainment and related fields.

  • - Industry areas :
    game, movie, drama, digital play, advertisement production, multimedia application, industry, fusion technology application industry, entertainment equipment, equipment industry and related fields.

  • - Policy areas :
    entertainment planning, entertainment operation and management, entertainer management, entertainment industry policy, intellectual property rights, communication act, distribution of books and related fields.

  • - Technology areas :
    entertainment foundation technique, fusion technology, information protection, image sound lighting technology, human interface, IT application technology, mobile entertainment, media entertainment and related fields.