Welcome to the Korean Entertainment Industry Association website.

Dear members! I'm prof. Yong-Hwan Cho appointed as the third president of this association. Welcome to the Korean Entertainment Industry Association website.

The Korea Entertainment Industry Association is now reaching 7 years since it was first established, having the goal to promote the continuous development of the entertainment industry through inducing creative outcomes according to the research and related technology development of entertainment industry field by joining academia, arts and culture.
Our association has held a conference biannually, and has published journals seasonally according to the results of hard research and technology development. Also in October 2010, our association achieved recognition in all entertainment related fields by being selected as the National Research Foundation of Korea-listed journals candidate according to the recognition of past outcomes.
The entertainment industry is an important industry to create a new generation driving force of national development to ensure the quality of a happy life and to solve peoples' income. The entertainment industry is rapidly moving from a recent traditional field to a new paradigm. In particular, changes of contents production, distribution and consumption patterns due to the rapid development of digital contents, smart device, and social media, and rapid convergence/complex with the ICT field are revolutionary.
At this point, in the center of the great revolution, I feel tremendous responsibility in my duty as president, and I'll do my best to make a superb, model association. First, I'll try my best to promote the quality of research results to become a sustainable association by selecting the National Research Foundation of Korea-listed journals. Second, I'll focus on broadening the area of our association by providing the stage where entertainment professionals and talented persons can work with each other to drive the research and technology. Finally, I'll try to do my best so that the entertainment industry of Korea will be a foundation to open up the 21st century neo-renaissance on the world stage by pushing forward international exchanges as well as domestic exchanges.

The development of the entertainment industry that leads the nation's creative economy and charges driving force of the peoples' happiness will be made with our members. I ask for your enthusiastic participation and interest and affectionate advice, and wish you good health and good luck.

July 2013
Korea Entertainment Industry Association
President Yong-Hwan Cho