The Korea Entertainment Industry Association, Inc. Paper Submission Rules

Established: October 15, 2007
Revised: May 23, 2008
Revised: December 5, 2008
Revised: January 13, 2011

Section 1

  • Articles should be related to entertainment industry and its application fields and the contents should be either contributing to the scholarly and industry development or credited for its creativity.

Section 2

  • It is a rule that the person who submits an article must be a member of the Korea Entertainment Industry Association, Inc. (hereafter “the Association”).

Section 3

  • The article that has been submitted to other national and international journals may not be submitted and the final responsibility for the contents of the published article is with the corresponding author.

Section 4

  • The article should be written according to the Paper Submission Guidelines of the Association and should be received by e-mail and the received date is the day that the e-mail arrived. The files should be in the order of the article submission form and the article.

Section 5

  • If the area indicated on the article submission application form and the contents of the article do not match, the journal editing committed can change it.

Section 6

  • It is a rule that the article must be written in Korean or in English and that Hangul word processor “한글” or “MS Word.” Chapters should be in the Roman alphabet such as I, II and III; Sections should be in Arabic numbers such as 1.1, 1.2, … 2.1, 2.2…(1), (2)…. The name of a figure should be written at the bottom center of the figure ‘[Figure 1]’; in the case of a table, at the top left of the table ‘[Table 1]’.

Section 7

  • The organization of the article should be in the order of English title, English author‘s name, affiliation, English abstract, key words, corresponding author, and acknowledgement on page 1, and it should be written using 2 stage editing in the order of body, references, Korean title, Korean author’s name, Korean abstract, key words, and author introduction from page 2. 200 words or more is recommended for the abstract, and the Korean abstract should be about 500 words with the key words being 5 words or more. However, even in the case of an English article, the Korean abstract should be included.

Section 8

  • With regard to literature that is directly related to the content of the article, the reference number should be written in the body and the information should be included in the reference.

  • ① Article citation

  • [1] Hong, Gil-Dong, “ Object-Oriented Graphic Tool Design for DG,” Journal of Korea Entertainment Industry Association, vo. 1, no. 1, pp.30-50, 2007.

  • ② Book citation

  • [2] Hong, Gil-Dong, Introduction to Multimedia, Hankuk Publishing Company, 2007.

  • ③ Publication citation

  • [3] Park, Suk-Je & Jeong, Gwa-Je, Mobile Communication System Preference Research, Korea Telocom Report, (No. 9), 2007.

  • ④ Patent citation

  • [4] Lee, Bal-Myeong & Kim, Teuk-Hur, Entertainment Data Backup Equipment, Patent number: 1234567, Korea, 2007.

  • ⑤ The Internet site citation

  • [5] (Hong, Gil-Dong,) An Analysis of the Sustainability of Korean Wave in East Asia, 2011.

Section 9

  • The person who submits an article should pay a review fee of 80,000 won (if urgent, 200,000 won) per article. If the submitted article is adopted, he should pay the prescribed publication fee to the executive office of the association and include additional 100,000 won if the research support organization is specified. Number of printing pages Less than 15 pages More than 16 pages Article publication fee 200,000 won Additional 50,000 won / page If urgent, pay 300,000 won more than standard article publication fee

Section 10

  • After the review, if the article has received the final approval for publication, the author should send the final revision of the article and the power of attorney of intellectual property rights by e-mail.

Section 11

  • The article whose power of attorney of intellectual property rights has been written belongs to the ownership of the Association starting from the date when its publication is approved and the author is regarded as agreeing to make his article public both online and offline in a database format.

Section 12

  • If an article is published in a journal, 20 offprints are provided freely to the author. If he wants more than 20 offprints, the author should apply for the number of copies needed and pay for the actual expense.

Section 13

  • The rules come into force from the date when they are passed by the board of directors.